I Remember

By Charles Furlong, Aklavik


This poem is from Northern Writes 7, Entries from the 1999 NWT Writing Contest. I Remember is about remembering a happy childhood, destroyed by residential school experience and alcohol problems. The author of this poem wonders if he'll be remembered like he remembers his parents and grandparents, and he wants to share his memories with the reader.

This story offers an opportunity to encourage learners to explore different types of poems and to express their own feeling through poetry. The poem explores activities around residential school. Some learners may be sensitive to some of the activities due to their own experiences. Provide a supportive and encouraging atmosphere in the classroom.

This section first presents a list of seven learning activities and the written text for I Remember. The pages following the written text give instructor notes and handouts for each activity, in the order on the list. At the end of the section are useful resources and websites about the topic.

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