You will find certain facts written under each problem. If any one of these facts is given in the problem, write G after it; if the fact is one that you must find, write F after it. Then work the problem at the right.

  1. Tom wants to save $50.00 this summer. So far he has saved $7.75 each week. How much did he save in 5 weeks? How much more does he need to make $50.00?
The amount he wants   _______
The amount he still needs   _______
The amount he saved each week   _______
The amount he saved in 5 weeks   _______
  1. Mr. Smallgeese took 2 boys to the rodeo. He bought 3 tickets at $5.50 each. How much did he pay for them?
The number of tickets bought   _______
The amount paid for all the tickets   _______
The amount paid for 1 ticket   _______
  1. Fred bought a box of chocolate bars for $12.00. There are 24 bars in a box. He sold all the bars at $ .40 each. How much did John make?
The amount of money John made   _______
The cost of a box of bars   _______
The amount he got for each bar   _______
The number of bars in a box   _______
  1. Tom bought a $5.00 bus ticket each time he rode a bus. He could have bought 6 tickets for $9.00. How much would he have saved on 6 rides by buying 6 tickets at one time?
The cost of 6 tickets bought together   _______
The amount he would have saved   _______
The cost of a single ticket   _______

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