Some two-step problems are given below. Each problem tells you information that you must use to work out the problem. This information is called given facts (G). Each problem also asks a question (Q), that you must finally answer. In working the first step of the problem a new fact must be found (F), which is needed in working the second-step of the problem.

Each problem below has some facts under it. After each fact write G, Q, or F to tell which kind of fact it is. Then work the problem:

  1. During his summer vacation of 10 weeks, Earl worked for $30.00 a week. He put 1/3 of his money in the savings bank. How much did Tom put in the bank?
The number of weeks Earl worked   _______
The amount he earned all summer   _______
The amount he earned in one week.   _______
The amount of money Earl put in the bank   _______
  1. Mr. King picked 75 kilograms of peaches. He kept 8 kilograms and sold the rest for $2.00 a kilogram. How much did Mr. King get for the peaches he sold?
The number of kilograms Mr. King sold   _______
The selling price of one kg   _______
The number of kilograms he kept   _______
The number of kilograms he picked   _______
The amount he got for the peaches he sold   _______
  1. Ramona had $38.43 in the bank. She earned $15.72 more and received $12.50 for her birthday. In the summer she spent all he money for 31 days at a camp. How much, on the average, did it cost for her each day at the camp?
The number of days at camp   _______
The cost of one day at camp   _______
The total amount of money Ramona had   _______
The amount of money Ramona earned   _______
The amount she received for her birthday   _______
The amount Ramona had in the bank   _______

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