Some three-step problems are given below. Each problem contains certain given facts (G) that you use in working the problem. It also asks a question (Q) that you must finally answer. In working the first and second steps of the problem, new facts (F) must be found, which are needed in working the third step of the problem.

Each problem below has some facts written under it. After each fact write G, Q, or F to tell which kind of fact it is:

  1. Mrs. Unka can buy a washing machine for cash by paying $725.00 or on the installment plan by paying $125.00 down and $60.00 a month for 12 months. How much will she save by paying cash?
Cash cost of the machine   _______
Cost on installment plan   _______
Amount to be paid down   _______
Amount saved   _______
Amount paid per month   _______
Amount paid in 9 months   _______
  1. Mr. Hall bought 3 qt. oil at $1.80 a quart and 7 gallons gasoline at $.77 a gallon. How much did the oil and gasoline cost?
Cost of all the gasoline   _______
Cost of one 1 quart of oil   _______
Cost of oil and gasoline   _______
Cost of 1 gallon of gasoline   _______
Number of gallons of gasoline   _______
Cost of all the oil   _______
  1. Peggy bought 3 yd. cloth at $3.98 a yard and a spool of thread for $1.09. How much change did she get from a twenty-dollar bill?
Amount of change she got   _______
Cost of the spool of thread   _______
Cost of all the cloth   _______
Amount Peggy spent   _______
Number of yards of cloth   _______
Cost of 1 yard of cloth   _______

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