April Raintree


Evaluations for April Raintree assignments are based on the learning outcomes: vocabulary words, comprehension questions, sentence structure and writing summaries for Chapters 1 - 6 (see following page). Each skill is rated as follows: well done, needs improvement, improving, not completed.

At the literacy level there is a need for continuous progress with a progressive movement towards mastery. Giving students marks or percentage points promotes competition with other students and a sense of failure if skills are weak. Each student needs to learn to improve their own skills; they need to compete only with themselves. Therefore, rating skills on a continuum is an appropriate evaluation tool to determine the progress of each student.

Evaluating the assignments is NOT the last step. After the assignments are corrected the instructor can readily identify the areas of strength and weakness. If , for example, Needs Improvement (NI) appears under the comprehension heading for most students, the class will need reinforcement in comprehension and/or sentence structure skills. Incorrect questions and answers will be taken up in class. Poor sentence structure will prompt the instructor to randomly select and prepare a handout with a few sentences they have used incorrectly. Objective: the students will discuss and rewrite their own sentences using the correct capitalization, punctuation and structure. (see SENTENCE STRUCTURE REVIEW, Chapter 1).

Assignments are corrected and handed back with written feedback, e.g. a student who persistently uses apostrophes in every word that ends with an 's' is consistently reminded that plural words do not have an apostrophe. If the problem persists, that student is given a mini-lesson. The instructor will consistently point out the proper use of apostrophes in other language arts activities in order that the student makes the transition.

The following checklist indicates areas of weakness. Reinforcement and continuous feedback are the instructional methods whereby students improve their literacy skills.

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