April Raintree


  1. Group discussion: The instructor prepares several analysis questions, places each in an envelope and gives the envelope to each student in turn. Each person reads their discussion question; students analyse the problem, issue or emotional feelings. They must use the information from the chapter to clarify their answers (Reading - A Novel Approach, p 3).
    Sample questions:
       Find sentences that tell how Cheryl felt about her heritage.
       Which character was the most outgoing and courageous?
       What do you feel caused her to be that way?
       What was the Social Worker's attitude toward the DesRosiers?
       Why did she behave this way?

  2. Use vocabulary words to create a word search.
  3. Create a crossword puzzle with vocabulary words.


Assignments focus on the theme of this unit: April and Cheryl lived in two separate worlds: white and Metis. Most students, except for 110, will have already read a few chapters ahead.

This unit includes the following strategies:

  • Unit 8 - skim paragraphs to locate chunks of information; read for details In order to assist 110 students, give direct instructions and write student responses on flip chart paper
  • Unit 9 - scan paragraphs for vocabulary words; read for details; write student responses on flip chart paper
  • Unit 10 - read as a drama.
  • Unit 11 - students read independently  

Chapter 8 - Writing Process: model a comparison paragraph for 120/130 before Chapter 8. The 120/130 students will use this model to complete their Chapter 8 assignment.

110 students will complete a summary of the chapter using the cloze procedure strategy.

Chapter 9 - The instructor uses the VOCABULARY assignment sheet a) as a teaching tool for 110 students and/or; b) 120/130 students work on the assignment independently.

Chapter 10 - Pre-reading activity: define story elements on flip chart paper: Review each in relation to the story. Students select their roles to read.  

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