April Raintree


Discuss and review the first 7 chapters. Tell students Chapters 8 to 11 focuses on the problems, dilemmas, dreams and fantasies April and Cheryl face as adults. April lives in one world: Cheryl in another. This leads to conflict between the two girls.

Read the first paragraph.
What is the main idea?
April is finally free! She finds a job and an apartment in Winnipeg. She makes new friends at work.
Read the first sentence of each paragraph on pages 98, 99 and top of 100. What is the main idea?   April tries to find her parents.
Paraphrase the details; ask students
who have read the chapter to
Student input  
Read the first sentence of the
2nd & 3rd paragraph on page 100?
What is the main idea of these two paragraphs?  
April dreams about being rich
Paraphrase details ....  


Record student responses on flip chart:  

  • (99) April gives up trying to find her parents. She decides not to tell Cheryl about her search
  • (100) She dreams of being rich
  • April meets Roger Maddison but they don't get along
  • Cheryl moves in with April
  • April feel guilty because she treats Cheryl the same way Garth did. She doesn't want to be seen with her own sister.
  • April met and broke up with Jerry - he was married.
  • April went out with Cheryl and her friends from the Friendship Centre but she wasn't comfortable with them
  • She dreams of the ideal husband
  • She met and married Bob Radcliffe
  • Cheryl tells April one day she will be proud to be a Metis  

Discussion: What information tells us both girls lived in two different worlds? Discuss.  

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