April Raintree


April experiences many changes in this chapter:

April now has a fear that Cheryl is an alcoholic.
She admitted she is a Metis. She discloses her feelings about her heritage
April becomes friends with someone she didn't like
April is now experiencing a deep hatred of the men who raped her
April and Cheryl are laughing and joking.
She hates the rapists and the justice system
April buys a book about native culture to get Cheryl interested in something again

Check the correct answers. There may be more than ONE correct answer for each question:

  1. April began to fear that Cheryl may be an alcoholic because
    1. Cheryl had grown fidgety and suggested they go out for a drink
    2. Cheryl came home drunk
    3. There were liquor bottles on the floor
  1. April wanted to keep Cheryl out of the lounge so she:
    1. Willingly bought her a book about the Metis
    2. Bought Cheryl whatever she wanted
    3. Told Cheryl to stay home.
  1. What happened last in the plot of this chapter?
    1. April buys a house for both girls.
    2. The police took April to Emergency Health Services
    3. Roger Morrison invites April out for lunch  
  1. In this chapter April may be characterized as:
    1.  Full of hatred
    2. Afraid
    3. Helpful
  1. It is reasonable to conclude that Roger Maddison may have liked April by the way
    1. he spoke to her
    2. he talked to April as they ate lunch
    3. he looked at April when he said that once he thought he had found the right girl.  
  1. Clues in the conversation with Roger indicate that April's feelings about being a half - breed means:
    1. that she has the best of both worlds
    2. that she feels the weaknesses of both worlds
    3. that she will never learn to live in the white world

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