Buffalo River

I stayed in Buffalo River all year around. In the springtime, everyone would go up the river, and people would come from down the river to Buffalo River. There used to be a lot of old people in Buffalo River. Dad, Grandmother and I, only the three of us, stayed in Buffalo River all year.

In the winter, everyone that came down to Buffalo River on their way to Fort Resolution would have to wait in Buffalo River until the ice was gone. When it was windy, the ice would move, and then we would all head to Fort Resolution for Treaty Days. Our treaty money was five dollars, and we got that at the end of June. After the treaty money was given out, we would get beans, bacon, flour, tea and sugar; and then we would go back to Buffalo River.

If you wanted to go up the river to Hay River, you could paddle your boat or use your kicker. We would stay in Hay River for about one month and then come back to Buffalo River when it started to get cold.

We went to the Fort Resolution Mission to get potatoes and then returned to Buffalo River. We stayed there until it got really cold. When it started snowing and everything started to freeze up, we would go trapping until Christmas. At Christmas, we would come to Fort Resolution and stay for one week; and after Christmas, we returned to Buffalo River until March when it started to get warm for Easter.

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