The Fort Resolution Community Writing Contest for ages 15 – adult was held in February and March, 2003. Prizes for this contest were awarded by genre. Minnie Whimp’s ”How a Low Literacy Level Affects Health” was the best essay. Henry Mandeville won the prize for best poem with “Great Spirits of the Land.” Arlo McDermott’s “The Devil’s Chains” won the award for best narrative story.

The purpose of the writing contest was to inspire the development of writing skills. The ability to express ideas and convey information in writing is and always has been crucial to academic and professional success. Hopefully, other Northerners will follow the excellent example set by the three authors of this booklet and discover the power and the joy of writing well.

photo of Henry Mandeville, Minnie Whimp and Arlo McDermott

From left to right:
Henry Mandeville, Best Poem; Minnie Whimp,
Best Essay; Arlo McDermott, Best Story

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