How a Low Literacy Level
Affects Health

Low literacy and health have been an issue in small communities, affecting people of all ages. Having a low literacy level may come from a bad experience in learning or having too many barriers. This may lead to health problems as people are unaware of issues revolving around their problems. Low literacy affects the health in that people cannot read the medical information they are given; they might take the wrong medication, develop poor nutrition and be left feeling powerless.

For one thing, people with a low literacy level would find it hard to read the medical information that is given. The information would require people to change their lifestyles to prevent their illnesses and injuries from getting worse. When people go to the health center for a medical reason, they usually get a pamphlet for their problem. If a person cannot read, then he or she may have a hard time understanding what the pamphlet says. People with a low literacy level would not know what to do to prevent more injury or illnesses because they are not able to read about what they should or should not do.

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