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Annual Report 2002 - 2003

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Organizational Development

There have been several significant changes to the literacy landscape in the NWT over the past three years. These changes include:

  • The development of a number of territorial government strategies and initiatives that view literacy as a key socio- economic issue such as the NWT Literacy Strategy, the Early Childhood Development Frameworks for Action and the Aboriginal Languages Strategy
  • A shift in the public's perception about what literacy is and its value in today's society;
  • An increased demand for literacy services and programs in communities, at the workplace and within families
  • A need to extend our understanding of literacy as a multi- dimensional issue in the NWT to better support community literacy development.
In order to respond effectively to these changes, we have begun to develop a new strategic plan, which will be completed by the end of 2003. The strategic plan will also include the development of an accountability framework that will help us better evaluate and describe our results.

Organizational Development

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