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Annual Report 2002 - 2003

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Message from the President

Literacy is an important key that opens doors to opportunity, well- being and community involvement. Literacy is also a catalyst that supports and encourages connections among individuals and groups whose common goal is to support healthier communities.

The work of the NWT Literacy Council over the past 12 months continued to focus on the delivery of services to support the development of strong, vibrant literacy programs at the community level. Our work is grounded in the principles of community development. Real change takes place when communities are given the support and the tools to identify their needs and define their own solutions to issues they are facing. Our approach to the development
and delivery of literacy programs and services reflect these principles. We have been able to build communities of like-minded individuals and organizations across the NWT that shares our interest in literacy and learning.

As I think back over the past year, I am both optimistic yet cautious. There is optimism because of the momentum behind literacy as demonstrated by the ways in which families, communities, individuals and workplaces have engaged in literacy and are working to support its development across the NWT. I am cautious because in times of fiscal constraint we can lose momentum and community-based programs like literacy are often the most vulnerable. We cannot afford to put
into jeopardy the gains made by communities in addressing local literacy issues.

Literacy development is a process that requires long-term commitment and support from all of us. Now more than ever we need to build on the momentum that is growing around literacy and ensure that all Northerners have the opportunity and resources to develop their potential and contribute to our quickly changing society.

Thank you to my board colleagues and the staff of the Literacy Council. It has been an interesting and enjoyable year serving as President. I look forward to next year as we build on our many successes.

Katherine Peterson

Katherine Peterson  - President

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