Aboriginal, non-Canadian

Swamp, Jake Chief. Illustrator/ Erwin Printup Jr. 1997. Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message. Lee & Low Books. ISBN: 1880000547
Age: Pre-school – 8
Language: English; Mohawk
Subject: Children; Non-Fiction; Traditional Story; Mohawk, Iroquois

This is a traditional Iroquois ceremony. It gives thanks to Mother Earth and gives respect to the natural world. The message is given at the beginning of each day and at special ceremonies.

Canadian, Aboriginal

Tappage, Mary Augusta. Illustrator/ Terry Gallagher. 1986. The Big Tree and the Little Tree. Winnipeg, MB: Pemmican Publications Inc. ISBN: 0-919143-21-0
Age: 5 - 9
Language: English
Subject: Children; Fiction; Shuswap, Metis

A little tree grows beside a big tree. The big tree tells him how useless he, the little tree, is. As the little tree grows, the birds build nests, squirrels eat the cones and people use the branches for beds. As the big tree gets older, he begins to feel useless. The little tree comforts him.

Non-Aboriginal, non-Canadian

Taylor, Barbara. 1996. Arctic and Antarctic: Eyewitness Books. Toronto, ON: Stoddart. ISBN: 0-77372-843-0
Age: 6 - 12
Language: English
Subject: Children; Non-Fiction; Arctic, Antarctic

This book explores the polar environments and how plants, animals and humans have adapted to them.