Canadian, Aboriginal

Cuthand, Beth. 1992. Voices in the Waterfall. Penticton, BC: Theytus Books.
ISBN: 0-919441-43-2
Age: 16+
Language: English
Subject: Adult; Poetry; Plains, Cree

This volume of poetry examines and reveals rhythms and traditions of the People of the Plains. The poem “ Seven Songs for Uncle Louis” explores the impact of Louis Riel and the Northwest Rebellion from a Native woman’s perspective.

Canadian, Aboriginal

Cuthand, Stan (Ed.) 1988. Nehiyaw Atayokewina: Cree Legends, Stories of Wisakecahk. Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre. ISBN: 0-920571-05-0
Age: 7 - 14
Language: English
Subject: Children, Youth; Myths & Legends; Cree

These are legends about the Cree trickster, Wisakecahk. He called everyone and everything his brother and sister and could talk with animals and plants. He had no permanent home and traveled around living by his wits. These legends have been handed down orally from generation to generation.

Aboriginal, non-Canadian

De Coteau Orie, Sandra. Illustrator/ Christopher Canyon. 1995. Did You Hear Wind Sing Your Name? An Oneida Song of Spring. New York: Walker & Co. ISBN: 0-80278-351-1
Age: Pre-school - 8
Language: English
Subject: Children; Fiction; Woodland, Iroquois, Oneida

This book reflects the relationship Oneida people have with nature. It celebrates the circle of life: from morning to night and the cycle of the seasons. It is about the approach to spring.