Canadian, Aboriginal

Dorion, Leah. 2000. Snow Tunnel Sisters. Winnipeg, MB: Pemmican Publications Inc. ISBN: 0-921827-00-7
Age: 6 - 11
Language: English
Subject: Children; Fiction; Metis

This story about two Metis sisters portrays caring and loving relationships in contemporary Aboriginal families.

Non-Aboriginal, non-Canadian

Edwardson, Dahl Debby. 2003. Whale Snow. Charlesbridge Publishing.
ISBN: 1-7091-393-5
Age: 6 - 10
Language: English
Subject: Children; Fiction; Arctic; Inuit

This is the story of a young Inupiat boy from Alaska and his community’s special relationship with bowhead whales.

Canadian, Aboriginal

Einarson, Earl. Illustrator/ Julie Flett. 2004. The Moccasins. Penticton, BC: Theytus Books. ISBN: 1-894778-14-6
Age: Pre-school - 8
Language: English
Subject: Children; Fiction; Multiple Nations

This story is about an Aboriginal foster child who has a positive experience when his foster mother gives him a gift of moccasins and encourages him to take pride in his Aboriginal heritage.

Canadian, Aboriginal

Ekoomiak, Normee. 1992 (Reprint). Arctic Memories. Toronto, ON: Henry Holt & Co. ISBN: 0-805023-47-X
Age: 10+
Languages: English; Inuktitut
Subject: Children, Youth, Adult; Non-Fiction; Northern Quebec, Arctic

This book contains several short stories describing Inuit culture in Arctic Quebec. It also describes Ekoomiak’s life.