Canadian, Aboriginal

Fafard, Melanie & Ingrid Kritsch. Yenoo Dai’ Gwatsat Teet’lit Zheh Googwandak: The History and Archaeology of Fort McPherson. Yellowknife, NT: Gwich’in Social and Cultural Institute. ISBN: 1-896337-10-4
Age: 12+
Language: English
Subject: Youth, Adult; Non-Fiction; Oral History, History & Archaeology; Gwich’in, NWT

This booklet documents the history and development of Fort McPherson in the NWT. It combines information from oral history, archaeology and historical documents.


Farmer, Bonnie. 2001. Isaac’s Dreamcatcher. Lobster Press. ISBN: 1-894222-46-6
Age: Pre-school – 8
Language: English
Subject: Children; Fiction; Multiple Nations

When Isaac tells his teacher about his nightmares, she suggests that they make a dreamcatcher that he takes home with him. That night he has a creative dream.

Canadian, Aboriginal

Farrell Racette, Sherry. 1991. The Flower Beadwork People. Saskatchewan: Gabriel Dumont Institute. ISBN: 0-920915-25-6
Age: 8 - 11
Language: English
Subject: Children; Non-Fiction; Metis

The story tells the origin of the Metis people and describes their history and culture.