Canadian, Aboriginal

Green, Richard G. 1995. Sing Like a Hermit Thrush. Ricara Features aka Richard Green. ISBN: 0-911737-01-4
Age: 12 – 16
Language: English
Subject: Youth; Fiction; Multiple Nations.

Sing Like a Hermit Thrush is a contemporary young adult novel that features thirteen-year-old Darrin Captain, a Mohawk youth whose mysterious dream launches an adventure in self realization. The story involves Darrin and his attempt to solve the mystery of his dream. During his efforts, he learns about traditional Native storytelling, relationships and understands that it is OK to be different.

Non-Aboriginal, non-Canadian

Griese, Arnold. 1997. Anna’s Athabaskan Summer. Boyd Mills Press.
ISBN: 1-56397-650-1
Age: Pre-school – 8
Language: English
Subject: Children; Fiction; Athabaskan First Nations; Alaska

Anna spends the summer with her mother and grandmother at her family’s fishing camp.


Hacker, Carlotta. 1999. Crowfoot. (The Canadian Series.) Fitzhenry & Whiteside.
ISBN: 1-55041-467-4
Age: 10+
Language: English
Subject: Children, Youth, Adult; Non-Fiction; Biography; Blackfoot

This is the story of Crowfoot who persuaded the Blackfoot to sign Treaty Seven.