A northern aboriginal author, illustrator, storyteller or translator is involved.Chocolate, David. Translators / Mary Siemens and Rosa Mantla. Illustrator / Johnny Wetrade. English Storyteller / Armin Wiebe. Dàanì Tatsq Weèhdà Dikqdeèwò/How Raven Lost His Beak. Tłįchq Community Services Agency.
Age: 7-12
Language: English and Tłįchq Yatiì (Dogrib)
Subject: Traditional Stories; Tłįchq (Dogrib)

Raven is always playing tricks. One day, he goes too far and snatches a piece of meat right out of a baby’s mouth. Bear and Wolf steal his beak, and he must think of a plan to get it back.

A Canadian aboriginal author, illustrator, storyteller or translator is involved.Crow, Allen. Illustrator / David Beyer. 1989. The Crying Christmas Tree. Winnipeg, MB: Pemmican Publications Inc. ISBN 978-921827139
Age: 5-8
Language: English
Subject: Children; Fiction; Family; Métis

When Granny brings home a scrawny Christmas tree, her grandchildren make fun of it and throw it away. Granny is heartbroken. The next day, however, there is a surprise waiting for her.