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Steps to Organizing a
Word Bingo (Synonym version)
for Youth in Your Community
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  1. Find a space in the community to hold the event. (school, band office, nursing station, library, community hall)
  2. Advertise the Word Bingo at least one week before the event. Word Bingo (Synonym Version) is a great way to get youth involved in literacy week. Put posters up around the community, advertise on the local radio station, or green screen and hand out invitations at the school. Tell everyone about it! Posters and invitations are included in this package.
  3. Have prizes for the adults and youth who win the bingo! (books, gift certificates, t-shirts) Give the NWT Literacy Council a call and we can send you some books!!!!
  4. When people arrive - make sure all players have a marker and one bingo sheet. People may want to play in groups. Let people use dictionaries if the words are too hard.
  5. Put all the strips in a hat and draw the strips out one at a time. Say the hard word and have people try and find the match(synonym) on their bingo sheet. Make a sentence up to help the players understand what the word is.
  6. Choose any of the following for your Bingo: One line, two lines, four corners, L shape, black out. Play at least four bingos for each card.
  7. Have winners choose a prize and encourage those that win twice to give a prize to a friend.
  8. Have a snack at the end of the evening and ask players if they enjoyed themselves and if they would like to play again sometime.
  9. Ask the local paper to come to your event and do a story about Family Literacy.
  10. Thank your sponsors at your event and by writing them a letter.
  11. Make up your own Literacy Bingo game with the blank bingo card attached.
Make the event monthly and ask the local band office,
Co-op, Northern or a local business
for donations of prizes.

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