Overwhelmingly, people who participated in the training appreciated the opportunity to take part and agreed that it was excellent:

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  • They thought that the facilitators were excellent and wellorganized.
  • They saw the training as a complete package; people could leave the training and begin to implement what they had learned right away.
  • They liked the content and thought it was relevant to them.
  • They liked the fact that they got lots of ideas that they could use in their community.
  • They thought the training was participatory and fun; they especially liked the hands-on activities.
  • They appreciated the way the day was broken up with energizers.
  • They enjoyed the variety of activities in the day.
  • They liked all the resources that they received.
  • They liked meeting other people from their region and sharing ideas with them.

Several participants reported that the training helped improve their selfesteem and gave them more confidence. Others, who worked with those participants, agreed. One respondent noted that the people from her community who had taken the training talked about the training “all the time.” Another participant reported that the training helped her find her “path in life.” Her training and subsequent involvement in running a preschool reading circle made her realize that she wanted to work with children. As a result, she applied to, and has been accepted into, the NWT Teacher Education Program next year.

One adult educator commented that she encouraged people to attend the first training session and then asked to have additional people included in the territorial-wide training. She thought this was an excellent way to maintain vitality around family literacy, because the person who attended the later training session came back energized, and re-energized the others.