2. Community Family Literacy Projects

What are the Community Family Literacy Projects?

As part of the Early Childhood family literacy initiative, the NWT Literacy Council received funding to enable communities to run family literacy programs. The funding was designed to provide start-up money to people who had participated in the training, so that they could begin delivering programs as soon as possible after completing the training. It was limited to $3,000 a year for each community, with larger communities, such as Yellowknife, Fort Smith, Hay River and Inuvik, receiving enough funding to run several projects. The Literacy Council encouraged community members and organizations to submit proposals jointly because of the limited funding.

The NWT Literacy Council developed criteria for the funding, as well as a simple application form. At the end of their project, those who had received funding had to submit a final report. Communities had the flexibility to design programs to fit the needs of the people in their community, so projects varied from community to community. Some communities organized one-time family literacy events; some delivered several short programs; some delivered one program that ran for several months. Some delivered a program in English, while others used Aboriginal languages.

Outputs, Outcomes and Indicators

Numbers of community family literacy projects, 2001 - 2004

During 2001-2002, only 3 regional training sessions took place, so, since funding was available only after training, not all communities were eligible for funding. Between 2001 and 2004, however, every community in the NWT, except one, delivered family literacy programs or events. A number of communities delivered programs every year.