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Projects in general

On the whole, family literacy providers were very pleased with their programs. Each year, more than 90% of those who ran programs said it was “worthwhile” to run them. More than 80% were either “Very satisfied” or “Satisfied” with their programs. Many were happy with the participation, and with the interest and enjoyment that parents obviously got from the programs. One community, for example, had over 200 people come out to a community family literacy evening.

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The few who were “Somewhat satisfied” or “A little dissatisfied” tended to feel frustrated because participation was not as good as they would have liked. Some found it difficult to reach “hard-toreach” families. However, all those who ran programs said they would be prepared to run programs again. In Years 1 and 2 over 600 adults and 1000 children attended programs or events. (The figures for Year 3 are not yet available.) Family literacy providers reported that people enjoyed the fun activities, and were eager to participate.

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Overall, respondents reported that the community literacy projects raised individual and community awareness around literacy generally, and family literacy in particular.

Emerging patterns

Several patterns seemed to emerge in family literacy programs around:

  • People’s entry into family literacy programs
  • The range of programs offered
  • The length of programs