Challenges with the family learning kits

There were two major challenges with the project. Assembling and packing the backpacks for community distribution was a very labour-intensive and time-consuming task. Two summer students were hired by Education, Culture and Employment to do this. Since the same students returned the second year, the task was slightly easier in Year 2 because they had developed an effective process during their first summer.

In addition, the difficulties of identifying eligible children varied from community to community. In the smaller communities, it was relatively easy, but in the larger communities it was much more difficult. Information from childcare or pre-school programs, and from Health Centres was the primary means to identify children. Word of mouth was also an important way of letting people know about the project. In Yellowknife and Hay River, public advertising was used to try to identify children who might be otherwise missed. And in several communities, information was put out on “the green screen” or local TV station.

Outputs, Outcomes and Indicators

Numbers of family learning kits distributed, 2001-2004

During the three years, over 2000 backpacks were distributed to families throughout the NWT.

Year # of Backpacks Distributed
2002-2003 1,700
2003-2004 450
Year 2,150