The impact of the family learning kits

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Each year, parents returned about 10% of the evaluation forms that the Literacy Council included in backpacks. In some smaller communities, where family literacy providers helped parents with evaluations, there was 100% return. Families who returned the evaluations received another free book for their children.

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Like the training and the community literacy projects, the response to the program was extremely positive. Most parents were delighted with the backpacks. The Acting President of one early childhood programs wrote: “The children were very excited to receive them [the backpacks] and have spent many hours exploring and enjoying the materials in the backpack.” Another letter of appreciation read: “Parents tell me that their children really like having their own books and a place to keep them. With no library and no preschool it is difficult for parents to find reading material for their youngsters.”

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Parents reported that the most useful part of the family learning kits were the books. A number commented on how nice it was to receive so many northern books, with content that was relevant to their children. Some expressed surprise at the numbers of books that seemed to have northernrelevant content. Many recognized that the materials would benefit a number of family members. Several parents reported that “everything” in the backpack was useful.