1. Family Literacy Training

Why Train People in Family Literacy?

The NWT Literacy Council believes that to support children’s literacy development effectively, parents:

  • Need to understand how important literacy and learning are for young children.
  • Need to be aware of how important their own role is in terms of their children’s literacy development.
  • Need to have some practical ideas of things that they can do in their everyday lives to support learning.

The training is designed to help community people learn about literacy. At the end of the training, participants have the skills to plan and deliver family literacy programs in their communities. These programs help parents develop the knowledge and skills they need to support their children’s learning.

What are the Family Literacy Training Institutes?

In the Early Childhood Development Action Plan, the Family Literacy Training Institutes are called the Northern Parenting and Literacy Program. However, the Literacy Council refers to them as “training” or “training institutes”, and so those are the names that will be used in this report.

The five-day training was designed to help communities develop their capacity to support literacy programming by providing training for local residents. During Years 1 and 2, the Literacy Council delivered the training on a regional basis. Community members who were interested in family literacy could apply to attend the training in their region. During Year 3, the training was territorial wide, and anyone from any community in the NWT could attend.