Table of Contents

Early Childhood Development Framework for Action
The Goals of the Action Plan
The Outcomes of the Action Plan
The Role of the NWT Literacy Council in Family Literacy Programming
Who is the NWT Literacy Council?
Partners for Family Literacy
Family Literacy
What is Family Literacy?
Evaluation of Family Literacy Programming Funded through the Early Childhood Framework for Action
Overall Evaluation
NWT Literacy Council Evaluation Activities
This Evaluation Report
1. Family Literacy Training
Why Train People in Family Literacy?
What are the Family Literacy Training Institutes?
Who were the Participants?
Outputs, Outcomes and Indicators
Training sessions and participants
2. Community Family Literacy Projects
What are the Community Family Literacy Projects?
Outputs, Outcomes and Indicators
Numbers of community family literacy projects, 2001 - 2004
Types of programs and services offered
Integration into existing programs
Projects in general