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Helping Your Child Learn to Read - Tips for Parents

Graphic: MooseWhat can I do to help my child learn to read?

  • Let him/her see you reading.
  • Share books together
  • Point out the print that is all around us. Look at street signs, supermarket labels, posters.
  • Make scrapbooks from photos or old magazines.
  • Cook together

Photo: A BabySteps for Reading With Your Child

  • Choose a book from the library or from your home.
  • Take turns reading aloud, or tell the story by looking at the pictures.
  • Talk about what's happening in the story.
  • Help your child with difficult words.
  • Praise your child.

Graphic: A family playing a board gameBoard Games and Card Games

  • Board games and card games will help your child to match pictures and words. This is an important reading skill. Games make it fun.
  • Board games can help your child begin to understand maps and plans.
  • Games will also help with numbers.
  • Play games that encourage your children to read like Monopoly & Scrabble.

What can I do to help my children learn to write?

Let your child watch you when you:

  • fill in forms
  • write letters
  • write birthday cards
  • make notes
  • pay bills
  • write shopping lists

Graphic: hand with a pencilWhat materials will I need to encourage writing at home?

  • lots of paper
  • pens, pencils, crayons
  • scissors, glue
  • old envelopes or greeting cards for kids to copy
  • little blank books for children to make their own stories
  • a box to keep all the material in

Make your own games!

  • Make a snap or matching game by matching words and their picture.

Bear         Book

Graphic: A Bear      Graphic: A Book

  • Use playing cards to make up number games for your children. Or play snap or war.
  • Make a word game with letters and pictures. Give each player a pile of picture cards. Turn up the letter cards one by one. If you have a picture beginning with that letter, you keep the card and cover the picture with it. The winner is the first person to cover all their pictures.


Graphic: A Baby

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