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Sample Lesson Plan

Books in the home logoWorkshop Plan

Workshop #:      1             Date: _______________________


  • Photocopy registration form, participant handouts, baby book
  • Snacks
  • Markers and name tags


  • New Book
  • Adult reading
  • Children's books/stories


  • Craft/activity supplies
  • Toys for children
  • Snacks

First Session

  • As people arrive: Greet participants and children and ask them to put a name tag on themselves and their children. Children then go to another space for reading/games, etc.
  • Introduction: (5 minutes) Introduction of facilitator. Participants introduce themselves and tell one thing about themselves that no one else would know and what they'd like to get out of the workshops.
  • Warm-up Activity: Reading Bingo - Find someone who has…
  • Overview of the program - Handout Why Books in the Home?, Discuss the format of the workshops
  • Group Rules: Establish and flip chart group rules - breaks, confidentiality, etc.

New Book

  • Book: ________________________________
  • Shared reading and discussion of the new book. The facilitator starts reading first and asks for volunteers to read.
  • Discuss questions in Journal Response. (Option to have participants fill in Journal Response.)

Story Stretchers

  • Activities related to the book. Arts, crafts, singing, writing…..
  • Handout Story Stretcher sheets. Discuss.
  • Each week we will brainstorm ideas to try at home and do some here for you to take home.
  • Fill in story stretcher form.


  • Handout Sharing Stories with Your Children. Discuss handout
  • Practice reading the new book using some of the story sharing tips
  • Handout What will Your Child Learn as You Read. Read and discuss.

Adult Reading

  • Northern Writes 7, NWT Literacy Council
  • Chicken Soup for The Mother's Soul
  • Northern rhymes from Mother Raven Nursery Rhymes by Peter Redvers. The facilitator explains to the participants that this time is a quiet time for them to experience the pleasure of being read to. Just sit and enjoy the stories.

Adult Writing - (Baby Book and/or Journal Response)

Baby Book, Journal Response Form

  • Discuss that in the workshops, each person will make a baby book for their child(ren). Each week time will be spent working on the book.
  • Have participants select the sheets they'd like to include in their baby book/birth story.
  • Explain that next week we will take photos of children and parents to include in the baby book.
  • Fill in Registration Form

Wrap Up

  • Feedback from participants. Did you enjoy this session? Did we meet all of the objectives?
  • Remind that for next week we'd like to take photos of you and your children for the baby book. Story Stretcher Activity to do at home -

Story Time for Children (15 minutes)

  • The facilitator reads a story to the children
  • After the story, the parents and children find a quiet place to read their new book together.

Snack: Parents and children share a snack at the end of the session.

Facilitator Reflection on the Session

What worked?    What didn't work?    Changes to be made.

Attendance   Participant Records

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