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Steps to Organizing a
Family Literacy Activities Night
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  1. Find a space in the community to hold the event. (school, band office, nursing station, library, community hall)(see
  2. Advertise the Family Literacy Activities Night at least one week before the event. Put posters up around the community, advertise on the local radio station, or green screen and hand out invitations at the school. Tell everyone about it! Posters and invitations are included in this package.
  3. A family literacy activities night could include a variety of things:
      check mark image storytelling by elders mother reading to child image
      check mark image reading circles
      check mark image reading bingo or picture bingo
      check mark image family literacy centers
      i Reading circle
      ii Creating literacy activities for the home (grocery and home labels included)
      iii.  Creating games that teach your children about words numbers (hand out included)
      iv "My family" center where families work on a family book together (see
  4. Decide on the activities that you would like to do for the event. Prepare your centers and activities ahead of time.
  5. Welcome families as they come to the door.
  6. Have families work together at each center.
  7. Make sure that you provide all the material needed at each center and that each family has an opportunity to visit each center. Encourage parents/caregivers to use the materials that they have made in their home.
  8. Have a snack at the end of the night and invite families to come again.
  9. Call the NWT Literacy Council if you would like help with your event. The NWT Literacy Council can provide free books for prizes, help with the organization of the event and provide training for facilitators.
  10. Ask the local paper to come to your event and do a story about family literacy.

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