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Steps to Organizing a
Family Reading Party
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  1. Have the children in each class in your school invite their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters to a Reading Party.
  2. Advertise the Reading Party at least one week before the event. A Reading Party is a great activity for the whole family. Put posters up around the community, advertise on the local radio station, or green screen and hand out invitations at the school. Tell everyone about it! Posters and invitations are included in this package.
  3. Prepare snacks for the families that attend the event.
  4. Have the children read with their parents and other family members or show them some of their favourite books.
  5. Give out small prizes to all your "readers" to celebrate their achievements. (stickers, buttons and balloons are included in this package)
  6. Set up a reading circle in the classrooms and have a volunteer read to children. Look to your community for volunteers like the Band office, the RCMP detachment or Northern stores.
  7. Have draws for prizes. (Find sponsors in the community, contact the NWT Literacy Council for book prizes)
  8. Put up a long piece of paper around the classroom and ask people to write out their favourite reasons to read or a book they really like.
  9. Hand out family literacy tip sheets (included in this package) for parents to take home.
  10. Thank your sponsors.

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