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(This game takes longer to complete and may be more suitable for a classroom setting.)

  1. Participants each have to make a mystery box. Find a suitable box. On the outside of the box, draw or paste magazine pictures of characters, settings, and objects related to a crime they have in mind. Cover the box completely. They can make it more difficult if they add more characters, or more than one setting.

  2. Then add the name of a crime to the outside, such as snowmobile theft, kidnapping, break and entry, etc.: it can be written on a piece of paper, or made with letters cut from a magazine or newspaper.

  3. Now put a clue inside the box. They may write it on a piece of paper or put an object into the box, like a hammer, a letter, etc. (Do not put anything of value into the box.)

  4. When the boxes are complete, participants exchange their box with someone else.

  5. They then try to create, either orally or in writing, the mystery story that is suggested by the box. They may introduce additional characters and supply further detail, but they must use all the information that is on the outside and inside of the box.

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