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Lie Detector

  1. graphic - face covering mouthThe facilitator writes three statements on the board. Two are true and one is false. For example:

    I have been teaching for ten years.
    I have a pet rat called "Monty".
    I lived in the United States for one year.

  2. Participants ask "lie detector" questions to get more information to try to find out which statement is false.

    For example:

    Teaching: Where have you taught?
      How long did you teach in each place?
      What subject did you teach?
      What year did you start teaching?
    Pet: How old is Monty?
      What does he eat?
      Where do you keep him?
    The US: Where in the US did you live?
      What state was that in?
      What was your zip number?

  3. Participants vote on which statement is a lie.

  4. Then another person gets to be the facilitator.

  5. You can also play this game in small groups of 3 or 4.

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