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  1. Divide participants into groups of 4 or 5.

  2. Give each group a piece of flipchart paper and ask them to fold their sheet into 16 boxes.

  3. Give a different coloured marker to each group.

  4. Using themes like food, cars, countries, etc., ask participants to call out the names of examples for that theme.

  5. Write one word at a time on the board. At the same time, ask groups to write the word in any box on their sheet of paper. Make sure everyone gets a chance to write. When all 16 boxes are filled, each group will have a different Bingo card.

  6. For the first game, the participants circle the word on their sheet when they hear it. Call out the words randomly and put a circle beside each one that you call out. When a group has a whole line, they win.

  7. Now ask groups to exchange papers.

  8. For the second game, they mark the words with an "X". When a group has a straight line, they win.

  9. Exchange the papers again, and continue to play like this until all the words have been called.

  10. You can also play this game using French or an Aboriginal language.

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