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Steps to Organizing a
Games Night
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  1. Find a good location for your Games Night (library, school, community hall, someone's home, church, youth centre).
  2. Choose a good time for the Games Night. Saturday afternoons or evenings are usually a good time for families.
  3. Advertise the Games Night at least one week before the event. Put posters up around the community, advertise on the local radio station or green screen and hand out personal invitations at the school. Tell everyone about it! Posters and invitations are included in this package.
  4. Prepare the games you will play during the games night. We have included the following games in this package: The Literacy Council has other games available and you can call us at 867-873-9262 and we can send them to you:
    • Word Bingo
    • Plain Language Bingo
  5. Find volunteers in the community to help organize and run the Games Night.
  6. When people come for the event, match up children with adults and get ready to play the games.
  7. Provide a nutritional snack for the end of the session.
  8. It is nice to give out prizes to the children who participate in the Games Night. Prizes can be books, pencils, bookmarks, etc.
  9. If possible, have copies of the games or other game ideas for the families to take home.
  10. Ask the local paper to come to your event and do a story about the Games Night Event.
  11. Thank your sponsors at the event and by writing them a letter.

Make the event monthly and ask the local band office, Co-op, Northern or a local business for donations of prizes.

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