Code Breaker – A Game of Deduction

four yellow balls

This game is similar to the board game Mastermind. It is played with two people. One person makes a coloured code by making a row of four coloured dots. The other person must guess the correct sequence of the coloured code.

What you will need:

  1. Code maker: Begin the game by making a row of four dots using any combination of six colours. The colours can be used more than once and you can even choose to make the four dots all the same colour. Draw this code in the box across the top of the paper. Use a book or something else to hide your code!
  2. Code breaker: You now have ten tries to guess the code. Use the coloured markers to draw your guess on the decoding board.
  3. Code maker: After each guess, give the code breaker some feedback.
    1. Draw a star for each dot that is the correct colour and in the correct space.
    2. Draw a circle for each dot that is the right colour but in the wrong space.
  4. Code breaker: With this new information, make another guess.
  5. Continue guessing and giving feedback until either the code breaker guesses correctly, or ten guesses have been made. Switch positions and play again.