Running Dictation

someone is running
  1. Choose one or more short pieces of text (about 5 lines).
  2. Make enough copies of the text for each pair of participants to get one. (You can use different texts for each pair if you like, but they need to be the same length and difficulty.)
  3. Stick the texts up around the room at some distance from where the participants are sitting.
  4. One person in each pair sits on a chair with a pencil and paper. Their partner has to stand up and run to where the text is. They read it (probably chunk by chunk), memorize it and run back to their partner. They have to dictate it to their partner, helping in any way they can without writing it. For example, “Actually, community has two ‘m’s”, and so on.
  5. The winners are the first pair with the first absolutely correct version of the text.
someone is writing