The object of this game is to talk to as many people as you can to collect answers to questions. Whoever gets the most answers wins. There is one catch... there is an “assassin” in the room! If you get winked at you’ve been killed and you must step out of the game.

  1. Have each participant write out a list of about 10-15 questions or sentence starters. You may choose to do this as a group, or you may use the sentence starters that are listed below.
  2. Decide who is to be the killer. Do this by having everyone close their eyes. Tap one person on the shoulder. He or she will be the assassin. If it’s a large group choose two people.
  3. Allow time for people to circulate asking questions to as many people as they can.
  4. The killer or killers also circulates and asks questions. While doing this they quietly “kill” people by winking at them.
  5. When a person is winked at, he or she steps out of the game.
  6. After about five minutes, or whenever it seems most appropriate, have everyone stop.
  7. Find out who gathered the most answers. Talk about some of the new and interesting things people may have learned about the other participants.
a set of eyes winking