Telephone Pictionary

  1. You need a pad of paper and a pen or pencil.
  2. The first person begins by writing a sentence or phrase. This can be anything! (The stranger your beginning sentence, the funnier the final result will be.)
  3. The second person looks at what was written and draws a picture to match the sentence. They fold the paper over so that only the picture can be seen and pass it to the next person.
  4. The third person looks at the picture and writes a caption or sentence for the picture that they see. They fold the paper over again, so that only the sentence can be seen, and pass the paper to the next person.
  5. Continue like this until everyone has had a turn.

The game should end with a sentence, not a picture, so it may be that one person has two turns. When everyone has had a turn, open the paper and have a good laugh!!

somebody drawing a smiling sun