Celebrate Family Literacy Day With
a Reading Circle

Reading circles encourage parents and other community members to help children become enthusiastic and positive about reading.

How does it work?

In a reading circle, parents, community members and children meet to share stories and books. The focus is on discussion, and the enjoyment of families reading and talking together. Reading circles are a great way to promote reading in the family and community.

Here are some ideas
for your reading circle!

bullet graphic A reader's picnic: Pack a lunch and bring your favourite book and read at school with your children.
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bullet graphic Set up a reading tent - canvas wall tents work great!
bullet graphic Invite a celebrity to your reading circle: Mayor or Chief, local authors, Fire Fighter, Police Officer etc.
bullet graphic Invite elders to share their stories with the group.
bullet graphic Select a theme for the reading circle. Decorate the room and have the children dress up for the event. For example you could read traditional stories and have children wear traditional clothing.

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