Fur Frame

You will need to make several frames with different types of fur to do the previous activity.

Fur Frame 1 Fur Frame 2 Fur Frame 3

What you need:


  1. Strip the bark off the branch.
  2. Cut the branch into four equal lengths, depending on the size of your fur scrap. Each length should be about 5 cm longer than one side of the fur.
  3. Use the sinew to tie the branches together into a square.
  4. Use the awl to punch holes around the edge of the piece of fur.
  5. Lace the string or sinew through the holes and around the frame. Pull it tight and tie off the end.

Instead of doing this activity with fur from different animals, you may want to try doing it with hide in different stages of preparation.

From: Mary Rose Sundberg, Goyati Ko