We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Ice Cream ConeThis experiment will make some yummy ice cream from scratch.

What you need:


  1. In the smaller ziplock baggie, mix the milk, vanilla and sugar.
  2. Squeeze out the extra air and seal the baggie with duct tape so it won’t leak.
  3. Put the small baggie into the larger baggie and fill it with ice, and salt. Adding salt to the ice will help make the ice cream get colder faster.
  4. Squeeze the air out of the large baggie and seal it closed with duct tape, so the baggie won’t leak.
  5. Now, gently massage the baggies or throw them gently into the air for about 10 ‐15 minutes. You can wrap a towel around the baggies so that your hands won’t freeze.
  6. Discard the larger baggie and the ice/salt mixture.
  7. When ready, eat the ice cream directly from the baggie.

From: http://pbskids.org/zoom