Amazing Ice Cubes

ice cubeThis experiment will allow you to lift up an ice cube with a string.

What you need:


Do you think that an ordinary string will be able to lift an ice cube out of the glass? It will, if you follow these steps. Place an ice cube into a glass of cold water.

  1. Put a little bit of salt (a pinch!) on top of the ice cube. Be careful to keep the ice cube upright in the glass.
  2. Hang the string over the ice cube.
  3. Place a little more salt over the string.
  4. Wait about 3 minutes. Try lifting the ice cube out of the glass. The string should be attached to the ice.

How it works:

This experiment works because the salt will melt the ice and cause some water to form on top of the ice cube. This water will then re‐freeze around the string, causing the string to be attached to the ice cube. Water becomes ice at a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit), which we call the freezing point of water. Adding salt to water lowers the freezing point, and prevents the formation of ice.