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How to Plan for the
Literacy Treasure Hunt

  1. Find a location in your community that you can start the Literacy Treasure Hunt from: school, band office, church, community centre…
  2. Advertise the event at least one week before the event. Go into schools and talk to the students and tell them about the event. Make sure to have free give-aways for all the participants and prizes for the winners. Put up posters and give personal invitations to all students in the school. Advertising an event is the key to its success!
  3. Photocopy the Literacy Treasure Hunt sheet.
  4. Have the participants work in teams of 2 - 4 people depending on the number of children participating.
  5. Make sure to inform community members that children will be knocking on their doors for the Literacy Treasure Hunt.
  6. Have people in the community volunteer to help with the event. Children will need help reading the sheet, writing the poem and understanding the instructions. One volunteer per team would be good.
  7. Be sure to explain the rules clearly and ask if there are any questions before the race begins.
  8. Provide snacks and refreshments for the participants after the hunt.
  9. Give a prize to the winning team. (ask local businesses, or organizations for donations, call the NWT Literacy Council for book prizes!) Provide a small prize for all participants. (pens, pencils, erasers, bookmarks)

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