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Instructions for making your "My Family" booklet

What you need:
  • Copies of the “My Family” booklets
  • Crayons or makers, pencils
  • Paint
  • 2 trays or cake pans—one for paint and one for washing hands
  • Polaroid or digital camera

  1. Photocopy the “My Family” booklet. Make enough copies for each child/ family.
  2. Have each family work on the booklet together.
  3. Family Pictures: Take a picture of the child with their family using a Polaroid or digital camera. You can also have them draw a picture of their family.
  4. Handprints: Set a place where the children and parents can do a handprint. Put some paint in a shallow baking dish and dip the hand in the paint and then onto the Handprint page. Have a tray of water for washing hands afterwards.

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