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Four years old

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Parenting and literacy

The four-year-old child’s world is expanding. She is pushing the boundaries of everything and will ask endless questions. What an opportunity to teach your child what her place is in the world! This can be done through your family stories, photo albums and books about other people, places and things.

Some four-year-olds have a lot of fears. They like hearing about scary or silly situations that end safely. Take time to comfort your child when she is scared.

Your child needs simple, predictable, repetitive stories so she can repeat them and “read” the story to you. Even though your child’s attention span is increasing, she still needs short stories with lots of action.

Let your child know that other people have the same experiences she does. Help her see the difference between imagination and reality.

Begin collecting recyclable materials for making crafts with your child.

Books for four-year-olds:

Peter’s Moccasins by Jan Truss

Red Parka Mary by Peter Eyvindson

The Strangest Sight I’ve Ever Seen by Cathy McGregor

Mother Raven Nursery Rhymes by Peter Redvers

I Love You Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Amos’s Sweater by Janet Lunn and Kim LaFave

Where Did You Get Your Moccasins? by B. Wheeler

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