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This resource is for anyone who works with and cares for young children. The word “parent” is inclusive of all those who contribute to the development and lifelong learning of children.

Remember that no two children are alike. No two parents are alike. Your child will learn and grow at his own pace. Parents are a child’s most important teachers. As your child’s first teacher, you can provide opportunities that will give your child a love of listening to stories and a love of reading. Tell your child a story or read to your child every day. Let your child see you reading.

This booklet gives a few suggestions on how to help your child discover the love of reading. It also lets you as a parent know why you are so important in the life of your child.

“We teach our children many things; most of all, we can teach children the fun of growing and learning together.”

Open Doors to Family Literacy Project, YWCA of Prince Albert


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