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How to help your child learn:

Talk about what you are doing How to help your child learn:, image

Look at your child

Listen as your child talks

Tell your child a story

Read to your child each day

Talk about the story

Praise your child

Share one new word, song, craft or activity every day

Use your Aboriginal language

Open Doors to Family Literacy Project, YWCA of Prince Albert

Tips on reading aloud

hapyface image Make reading fun
hapyface image Take 15 minutes every day to read
to your child
hapyface image Talk about who wrote and
illustrated the story
hapyface image Read slowly with lots of expression
hapyface image Help your child relate to the story
by asking questions like: “How would you feel if...?” or “What would you do if...?”

How can you get books?

hapyface image Borrow them from the library
hapyface image Borrow them from a friend
hapyface image Buy them from a store
hapyface image Order them from book catalogues
hapyface image Buy them from garage sales or
flea markets
hapyface image Suggest books as gifts from family
and friends
hapyface image Make your own

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