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Logo: Storysack Making a Storysack

You need a cloth sack large enough to hold the materials with the name of the storybook on the outside. Either cut out letters and sew them on the outside of the bag or print the book title in permanent pen.

Into the Storysack goes:

  • A good quality Canadian Children's book
  • Scenery or back drop for the story
  • Soft toys as the main characters (or mask, puppets, costumes)
  • Props to tell the story
  • A non-fiction book along the same theme as the story
  • An audio tape with a good quality read of the story on Side "A" including sound effects. You can use a bell or some other sound to signify turning the pages.
  • A "prompt card" with ideas for parents to develop children's listening, reading and writing skills in using the contents of the Storysack. See the attached example of ideas for comprehension, word fun, using illustrations, prediction and related activities to follow the story. On Side "B" of the tape, read the information from the prompt card.
  • Think up a language game based on the book. The games can be quite simple: games of sequence, rhyme, etc.
  • A checklist of all the materials in the sack. This is very important for lending the Storysack to others.

These items are all placed in the large cloth Storysack bag. A piece of material is placed on the outside that states, "This is not a toy. Children under three must be supervised."

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