Literacy in Canada

Individuals and organizations in the NWT are supported by and benefit from the work done by national level literacy organizations. There are six literacy organizations in Canada recognized as national literacy bodies representing a variety of diff erent stakeholders. These six are:

ABC CANADA - ABC CANADA Literacy Foundation is Canada's private-sector voice championing adult literacy and raising public awareness of literacy issues.

La Fédération Canadienne pour L'alphabétisation en Français (FCLF), The Movement for Canadian Literacy (MCL) and the National Indigenous Literacy Association (NILA) - These organizations provide professional development, program support and research to support French, English and Aboriginal literacy organizations, learners and practitioners. Their membership includes representation from provincial/territorial literacy coalitions, learners and practitioners.

Frontier College - Frontier College recruits and trains volunteers to work with children, youth and adults. They also help other community-based organizations set up and run literacy programs for their own participants.

National Adult Literacy Database (NALD) - This digital library provides full text documents and books online to be accessed by literacy practitioners, researchers and learners. NALD researches and organizes educational material found elsewhere on the Web. NALD also designs and hosts websites for literacy organizations free of charge and publicizes literacy-related activities and events from across the country.

These national organizations provide local and territorial literacy organizations with supports such as funding, resources, research, and programs. Through membership and consultation they also provide local and territorial organizations an entry to national policy networks and forums. In return, local and territorial level organizations drive these national bodies through membership and provide their expertise on program and service implementation and the impacts of policies on individuals, families and organizations.

National level organizations and local and territorial organizations provide important supports to each other and together strengthen the literacy field as a whole. For more information on any of these organizations please see the Links Section on our website: